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Massive Revolving Percussion Rifle --One of a Kind-- !!!

This is a very unique revolving percussion rifle in .44 Caliber.  It was hand-made...probably by a machinist who must have spent months, possibly years designing and constructing this gun.  The left side of the barrel is marked "GRIMM PROTO 1854 (prototype) .44 CAL".    The gun is massive....with a large--very thick walled cylinder and thick octagon barrel and weighs a hefty 14.5 lbs!!!!  Just look at the close-up photo of the cylinder...what appear to be little holes/chambers are actually .44 CALIBER!!!! 

Whoever built this must have been inspired by the Colt revolving rifle designed by Root.  It has similar lines, especially the hammer (although mounted on the left side--opposite of Colt) and the cylinder pin---which runs through the back of the frame.  Our best guess is it was made in the early part of the 19th century. The gun is remarkably complete with original ladder sight, loading lever, and furniture.  The stock has a large brass buttplate and inlay on the left side.  The mechanics are simple and primitive.  Basically, the hammer cocks but the cylinder must be manually rotated into position. The bore is smooth and not rifled.  Overall condition is Fine...the gun does not show a lot of usage.  A very interesting and unique gun.

Item# 9135




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