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Beautiful Savage 1895 Rifle

This is a scarce Antique Pre-1898 Savage Model 1895 Rifle in .303 Savage.  This one has a 26" round barrel with early style sights and early type bolt with cocking indicator.  Left side of frame also has the rotating cartridge counter.  Crescent style steel rifle buttplate.  We've had some good ones but this is the nicest one one we've found to date! Only about 8000 of these were made before the Model 1899 was introduced.  Interestingly enough, the first 5000 Model 1895's were built not by Savage but by the Marlin Firearms Co of New Haven CT.  This particular rifle was one of the early ones built by Marlin as its in the 4300 serial range.  As you may note, early 1895's use Marlin-Ballard style sights and the John Marlin proofmark is be located on the bottom of the barrel underneath the forend.  See Marlin Firearms by Brophy Pgs. 627-628.  This rifle is identical to the one pictured on P. 627.  Given the small number produced and 110+ years of time elapsed, these M. 95's are tough to find in good original condition today.

Overall condition is in NRA Excellent.  The nice thing about this rifle is that it has lots of original finish but mixed with just enough age and freckling to let you know its original and untouched.   The frame has 90% bright original blue with the balance due almost entirely to some brown age freckling.  No pits or rust.  Barrel has about 95-97% strong original blue with the balance 3-5% loss primarily due not to age but natural tiny brown age spots within the blue. Lever and buttplate still retain strong original case colors that are toning to patina...very attractive.  Markings are perfect with two line address w/caliber designation that reads:


PATENTED FEB. 7. 1893. JULY 25. 1893. CAL. .303.

The walnut wood has a fantastic light reddish orange tone with 95% bright original varnish intact.  Like the metal, the stock has great coverage of original finish but plenty of little nicks and dings to let you know its been around since the 1890's.  Competely untouched and never refinished.  The forearm has some dings and a thin sliver of wood missing off of the top edge on the right side.  Excellent wood to metal fit.  Nice action and excellent bore.

We also recently picked up a scarce Ideal Combination Reloading Tool in .303 Savage.  http://www.antiquearmsinc.com/ideal-reloading-tool-303-savage.htm   $165.00

Item# 0834




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