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Scarce Tryon Contract US Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle --Unfired--

This is the nicest example of a Mississippi Rifle we've ever found with almost all of its original browned finish still intact on the barrel.  Of the five suppliers to the US Gov't for the 1841 rifle, this is the scarcer Tryon Contract rifle which are seldom encountered on today's market.  Its believed only 5,000 were manufactured from 1846-48.  Note: Some years later, the Palmetto Armory purchased Tryon's machinery and built an additional 1000 Mississippi Rifles for the State of South Carolina. 

Overall, this 1841 appears to be completely unissued and shows no evidence of having ever being fired.  This is not a Civil War rebuild but a true 100% original 1847 dated Tryon with zero upgrades or or later alterations.  Its never been re-bored to .58 Caliber but still in its original .54 Caliber with 7 groove rifling. Lockplate is marked "Tryon" over a small "US".  Rear of lock is stamped "PHILADA PA 1847".  Barrel tang is also dated 1847 and breech marked "US" (small) over "JH" over an indented letter "P".  The buttplate also has a tiny "US" stamped on the upper tang.  Stock has two perfect cartouches.  According to our sources, these markings are all correct for the Tryon Contract.  Barrel measures 33".  Ramrod is original to the gun with correct brass tip.  Fixed block style rear sight and brass blade front sight.  Brass patchbox still contains is original spare cone. 

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent condition.  This rifle appears to have been in storage for many years as it has a thin layer of old grease in protected areas which will wipe off with very little effort if desired.  The barrel retains 95% original browned finish that is still coated with its original protective lacquer giving it a dark golden bronze color.  The browning shows virtually no usage...just some light frosted speckles of patina through the browned finish from age.  The bolster retains nearly all of its original browning and laqcuer showing no evidence of percussion ignition from firing.  The lockplate is still bright and was finished this way and shows no evidence of ever being color case hardened.  Just to make sure, we removed the lock and found the inside of the plate is also bright...looks minty with tempered screws that were fired to a brilliant purplish blue.  Nice screws and perfect markings throughout.  The wood still has its original finish with lots of raised grain and excellent crisp cartouches. Its never been cleaned, enhanced, or redone in any way. Only flaws are  a few dings, light scratches and a couple of tiny flakes of wood forward of the lock that popped out and were re-attached.  This are look good and something you'd hardly notice and almost not worth mentioning.  No cracks.  Perfect wood to metal fit.from handling but Excellent overall with no cracks.  Complete with original sling swivels and original sights.  The action is perfect and the bore is Minty showing no evidence of ever firing a ball.  In fact, you can still see the original tool marks from the boring machine.  Furthermore, the nipple, hammer face, and bolster show no evidence of any powder or fulminate residue from having ever been fired with all original bright and browned finishes intact in these areas. For a 160 year old unissued US Military weapon, this 1841 Rifle is quite exceptional and probably as nice of a scarce Tryon contract as we'll ever see.  Any museum with a Mexican American or American Civil War display would be proud to own this example.

Item# 0726




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