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Sharps New Model 1863 Carbine

This is a Model 1863 Sharps carbine that's still in its original percussion configuration.  One of the most popular Union cavalry carbines of the Civil War, the Sharps went on to serve troops during the Indian Wars, armies in Europe, and a good many were sold to civilians as surplus. The top of barrel is marked "NEW MODEL 1863".  Serial number is "C, 29xxx" which in Sharps' nomenclature translates to 129,000.  Approx. 1864 production...late production but still in time to have seen some action during the Civil War. Pulling out some of my old books, this gun is close to a number of carbines (also in the 129,000 range) issued to the 1st Maryland cavalry on October 12, 1864 followed by another batch on February 11, 1865.  It's interesting to note that these carbines were issued to the 1st MD cav in time to see action during the siege of Petersburg, VA and the surrender of Lee's army at Appomattox Courthouse in April '65. True to all model 1863's, it has iron mountings without a patchbox in the stock.  Barrel measures 22". Bore: .52 caliber with 6-groove rifling.  Original saddle ring and ladder rear sight. The automatic pellet primer device located on top of the frame is remarkably intact...ordinarily, we find these gutted. The only thing that appears missing on this one is the little feed pawl that reaches out and operates off  the underside of the hammer. I believe S&S in Glendale, NY sells these for around $25.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Good++ to Very Good with the metal mostly a gray patina that's turning brown.  Metal surfaces are nice with no pitting, very good edges.  Various inspector markings can be found on the metal parts...e.g. "E.P.R." on the base of the saddle ring bar.  The stock has two cartouches...fairly worn but still visible on the left side of the wrist located above and below the saddle bar.  Wood appears to have been lightly cleaned with an old coat of lacquer but very good condition with excellent wood-to-metal fit that isn't under-sized...solid with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Following the war, it was not uncommon for large firms selling surplus war material like Schuyler, Hartley, and Graham to freshen up surplus weapons before selling them on the civilian and foreign markets.  Mechanics are perfect with the block still seating firmly against the breech.  Bore is excellent...bright and shiny overall with strong lands and grooves...only a few mild pits here and there.  A very solid example of a late-war Sharps carbine.

Item# 9220




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