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Sharps 4-Shot Pepperbox Pistol

This is a nice example of a Sharps Pepperbox in caliber .30 Rimfire still showing a good amount of original finish.  This one appears to be a Model 2C with medium brass frame, blued fluted barrels, and wooden grips with a rounded frame juncture. Serial number on the bottomstrap is in the 7,000 range. The right side of the frame is marked in a circular pattern "C.SHARPS & CO. PHILADA. PA." while the left side is marked "C SHARPS PATENT 1859".  This was a fascinating design that incorporated a rotating firing pin that turned 90 degrees over to the next barrel each time the hammer was cocked.  The firing pin rotates on a small cylinder at the face of the hammer.  A hand pushes a series of cams on the back of the cylinder to turn the pin...much the same way a revolver cylinder is turned by a similar mechanism. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine with 35-40% original barrel blue (the finish does not show up in the photos too well).  Brass frame shows traces of silver plating...which was very thin and tended to wear easily on these Sharps.  Grips are in fine+ condition showing 70-80% original varnish.  Good to VG bores.  Action works although firing pin seems to rotate on a strictly volunteer basis.  A great looking sharps with considerably more original finish than we usually encounter.

Item# 8807




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