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Massive 8 Gauge Single Barrel Shattuck "AMERICAN" Shotgun

This gun is a BEAST!!!!!  Weighing over 13 lbs, this single barrel shotgun is in 8 gague with a 33 3/4" barrel.  The back area of the barrel is actually sleeved inside a huge case hardened breech or block which hinges to the frame.  I don't know who on Earth could have carried this thing into woods as its almost approaching a smaller-sized punt gun which were lashed into static positions.  I can't imagine firing it as it probably did equal amounts of damage from both ends....this one could really hurt somebody's feelings!!!! Perhaps this also explains why its in such nice condition.  The left side of the frame is marked "C.S. SHATTUCK HATFIELD MASS."  I can't find anything written about this gun....including Flaydermans Guide which has a talent for documenting even the most obscure 19th Century American arms.  CS Shattuck is known primarily known for manufacturing small pocket pistols and revolvers which is quite ironic considering the size of this gun.  The top of the breech or block is stamped "American".  The stock is made of checkered walnut that has some curl.  The serial number is 127.  This supposedly came just recently out of an old estate. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine with 50% original case colors on the frame and breech.  Hammer shows about 70% case colors.  The barrel is damascus twist with much of its original browned finish showing along with all of the twist pattern in the steel.  The action looks as though it has 2 triggers...the forward one is actually what moves the hammer to half cock automatically and unlocks the breech.  The rear one is the actual trigger.  Action works nicely with a hint of play at the breech. The bore is coated in dirt....and I will try to get it cleaned out once I can find the right cleaning rod....hmmmm....a wooden rod for loading a cannon might work.  The wood is in excellent condition overall.  The forewood shows a little more carry wear while the stock still has lots of raised grain showing in the curly walnut.  Amazingly, as big and over-built as this gun is, the wood is remarkably solid with no cracks or chips.  Buttplate is thick and made of iron.  In all the years of collecting and travelling, this was the first time I have come across Shattuck shotguns.  Most early American single barrel shotguns you find these days are in pretty bad shape. For a single shot, this one in beautiful condition and quite unique.

Item# 0650




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