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Simeon North Model 1816 Pistol found in SC

It's hard to believe this pistol is almost 200 years old and was being built when James Madison was president. We found this a couple of summers ago in South Carolina, and it came out of a very old collection of antique weapons passed down through one family for three generations. There were a number of Civil War items including several Confederate weapons. Among them were a London Armoury Kerr Revolver in the 9,500 range, a Richmond Carbine, Model 1816 Carruth Musket (made in Greenville, SC), a Virginia Manufactory 1816 Musket alteration to Cavalry Carbine and an 1851 Colt Navy m'fd in 1860 w/ Hartford Address, etc.

Overall, NRA Antique Good Condition. Metal is a gray patina with scattered light pitting here and there. This Model 1816 started off life as a flintlock and was converted to percussion probably in the 1850's or during the Civil War. It appears to be a drum conversion but rather than screwed into the side of the barrel via the original touch hole, the drum has been forged onto the barrel. The flintlock hammer has been replaced with what appears to be a US Model 1842 percussion hammer. The Simeon North markings are very worn but one can still read abbr. Middleton, Connecticut markings and see some of the American Eagle stamp. Left side of barrel is marked P over US. Various small US inspectors markings on the various parts. Interesting set of initials...looks like EK backwards and back to back. The walnut grips have fantastic grain...with tiger stripes running up the grip handles and the grain following the curvature of the grip. Someone really went to great lengths at North's factory to stock this pistol with the perfect piece of walnut. Very few US flintlocks I've seen have grain that flows with the grip contours. Mechanics are working but just bear in mind, this is 200 years old with a percussion conversion done 150 years ago. It works but it's not crisp. Ramrod has been with this gun forever...probably made from an iron musket rod. Interesting piece of history that served the US Army as well as the Confederacy during the Civil War.

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