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S&W 320 Revolving Rifle, Original Rear Sight, Minty NOS

Several years ago, we found this at a show. The guys selling it had bought out a collection that had once been the Smith and Wesson factory's inventory of replacement parts. They had bins on top of bins of New Old Stock parts...some going all the way back the S&W No. 1, 2nd Issue Revolvers from the 1860's. However, the bulk of it was early to mid 20th century. There was so much of it that these guys were having trouble identifying it all and a gunsmith friend of mine was helping them out. At any rate, I asked him if there was anything I should buy and this was suggested. It was this original rare sight for a 320 Revolver Rifle. This was the only one they had and it wasn't cheap. Aside from being in storage for over 100+ years and coming into contact with other parts, it was almost brand new, having never been installed on a gun. Had this about five years now and the reality is that I'll probably never be able to afford an original 320, nor will I need a rear sight for it. Knock on wood! I've shown it to a sight dealer who told me in his forty years of selling sights, that was the only one he'd ever seen. In a conversation with a collector a couple of years ago, he mentioned that it cost him $650 dollars to have this sight re-made by a gunsmith to replace the one missing on his rifle. Smith and Wesson only produced 977 Model 320 Revolving Rifles. Here is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pick up some spare parts for one. Please see item no. 1195 for an original hammer.

Item# 1140




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