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Smith & Wesson -Blued- DA Pocket Revolver

This is a fairly good representative example of the 3rd Model S&W Double Action Revolver in .38 caliber. The 3rd Issue was manufactured from 1884-1895. Long before they became a major credit card, the American Express Company purchased quite a few of these S&W DA 3rd Models for their guards and delivery employees. Antique pre-1898 serial # is in the 248,000 range. Mf'd circa 1891. Caliber .38 S&W, 3-1/4" barrel, and five-shot cylinder. Nice S&W barrel address with numerous patents dating from 1865-1882. This one is also in the scarcer blued finish which are much harder to obtain in nice condition in comparison to their more durable and prolific nickel-plated counterparts.

100% all matching numbers including grips. Overall, the condition is NRA Antique Fine+ with 85% original blue on the barrel and frame. The cylinder has mostly flaked to a gray patina with 25% original blue remaining inside the flutes. Hammer and trigger retain 70% bright original case colors. Front sight blade and ejector star retain 98% original nickel plating. This is correct for a blued S&W Double Action Pocket Revolver as they came standard with nickel plated front sights and ejectors!!! Excellent screws and pins throughout...several showing original blue. The hard rubber checkered grips are very good condition overall except for one small chip located at the base of the left grip which could be easily repaired if desired. Otherwise, they'd grade as Excellent. Checkering and S&W monograms are sharp. It even has most of its original patent date located along the bottom edge of the left side...often these are worn away. The action works perfectly. Barrel latches up tightly to frame with no play or wiggle. Bore is in mint condition. Chambers still retain all of their original blue. Sold as an Antique Collectible Only. Note: while this is classified as Antique in most states, we will not ship any pre-1898 cartridge handgun to NYC, DC, NJ, NY, HI, or Chicago.

Item# 1371




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