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Smith and Wesson No. 1 Revolver

This is an early Smith and Wesson Revolver with the small Model 1-sized frame in .22 caliber. The Model 1 was S&W's first revolver and the world's first successful cartridge weapon. The 1st Issue was manufactured from 1857-60, followed by a 2nd Issue from 1860-68, and a 3rd Issue from 1868-1881. This particular example is a 2nd Issue which had strong sales during the Civil War to Union soldiers who used them as personal carry weapons. Perhaps the most famous owner of this model was Mark Twain who once humorously wrote during a trip out West about being "armed to the teeth with this little seven-shooter". The serial number is in the 65,000 range which dates its production towards the front half of 1865 as the Civil War was coming to a close. Standard 3-1/4" octagonal barrel, seven-shot cylinder, with silver plated frame, and rosewood grips. Cylinder has the 1855 Rollin White patent with 1859 and 1860 improvements which is correct for the 2nd Issue. Barrel is marked on the top rib:


All assembly numbers are matching on barrel, cylinder, and inside the frame. Grips are also the originals and numbered to the frame.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent with 98% original silver plating on the frame. The silver has been polished to bright at some point but shows quite well. Barrel has 85-90% original blue that is mostly bright. Cylinder has 70% original blue which is beginning to dull and tone to brown patina. Hammer have 40% darkened case colors. Grips are Excellent with 95% original varnish with a little bit of flaking on the right panel. No chips or cracks. There was very small chip at the back edge of the left grip panel which was mended by our shop and is almost imperceptible. Very Good screws and pins, action works nicely. Barrel latches to frame tightly. Bore is Very Good. A very strong example of an early First Model S&W in Excellent condition that puts it well within the top 10% of surviving examples.

Item# 1771




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