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S&W .38 Baby Russian Single Action Revolver

This is a solid example of a First Model Smith and Wesson .38 Single Action Revolver. Standard nickel finish with 4" barrel, five-shot cylinder, and checkered hard rubber grips. Made from 1876-77, this was S&W's first topbreak revolver in .38 caliber. Many collectors have termed these 1st Models as "Baby Russian" revolvers due to the long ejector housing located beneath the barrel which resembles the larger framed cousins, most notably the .44 S&W Russian and American revolvers. Russia never purchased the .38 revolver but they were purchased in significant quantities by the Baltimore Police Department. This one is in the 19,000 range with matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, barrel, and latch. Barrel address is sharp with various patent dates and the Smith and Wesson Springfield, Massachusetts address.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine with most of the original nickel plating remaining on the barrel and cylinder but only about 15-20% on the frame with the balance turned to light gray patina. The light gray on the frame blends in well with the frosty nickel and while the gun is 60% nickel overall, it's not splotchy or highly contrasted, and has a fairly consistent uniform appearance overall. Fading original blue is present on the latch, ejector star, and ejector springs located on the lower part of the frame and ejector housing. Case colors on the hammer have mostly faded to silver with the balance turned to a smooth light patina. Checkered hard rubber grips are solid with S&W Logo...checkering a bit worn...but Good+ Overall. Action is in nice working order. Ejector functions properly. Barrel still latches tightly to the frame with no play or wiggle. Bore is Good overall with strong rifling, semi-bright lands and grooves with some scattered pits. Nice little Baby Russian.

Item# 1690




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