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Smith & Wesson DA Topbreak Revolver --Minty in Original Box--

This is a near perfect example of the S&W's pocket Double Action Revolver in .32 caliber. Standard nickel plated finish with hard rubber grips and 3" barrel. It's a 4th Model which was made from 1883-1909. Antique serial number is in the 202,000 range which puts it just under the Jan. 1, 1899 209,000 serial range cutoff for antique vs. modern in this model. All matching numbers. For antique .32 DA, this is one of the few examples you'll find that has the world famous Smith and Wesson trademark logo or monogram stamped into the right side of the frame...which began in the late 1890's and is still being used today. The barrel has the S&W address with the 1880, 1882, and 1889 patent dates.

Overall Condition is NRA Antique Excellent++ with 99% original nickel plating. It's not mint but it's close and we won't hesitate to call it "MINTY". 99% bright original blue on trigger guard and ejector star. 95% orig. blue on barrel latch. Strong bright case colors remaining on the hammer and trigger. All screws and pins are perfect and possibly unturned. Checkered hard rubber grips are in mint condition. Mechanics are perfect. Bore grade to Fine+++. The original box is correctly marked "DOUBLE 32 ACTION..NICKEL...3 INCH". The inside has the instructions on the inside of the lid as well as a dealer's name and address lightly stamped inside the base. Over the years, the ink has faded but it appears to say:

M.E. Lorr???? & Ch????

The box is in Very Good+ Condition with no rips, tears, or pieces missing. The outside of the box still has its original maroon fabric that shows little fading with a few minor stains. All in all, this is about as nice of a .32 DA as we've seen at 99% with only a slight margin for which this example could be improved upon.

Item# 1458




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