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Smith and Wesson 1st Model Double Action Revolver in .44 S&W

A decent example of a sturdy S&W double action revolver in caliber .44 S&W Russian. It has a 4" barrel with checkered hard rubber grips and nickel finish. Serial number is in the 20,000 range. All matching numbers on the frame, barrel, cylinder, and latch. The nickel on this one is a very old replate job that has aged nicely with old patina formed in areas of wear along the high spots. The edges are fairly decent with good stop notches and cylinder flutes that aren't dished out. Also, whoever did the work 100 years ago had the presence of mind not to plate the trigger and hammer which were case colored...nor the trigger guard which was blued. The sole thing they plated that should have been left blued is the barrel latch...which could always be stripped off if desired. The only other negative I can find is that the barrel address on the top rib is only partially legible with about two thirds buffed off. Hard rubber grips are very good and solid with excellent fit to the metal. No cracks, chips or repairs. The action works nicely in both single and double action modes. Barrel latches to the frame tightly with just a hint of play. The automatic ejector star on the back of the cylinder is also in good working order. Good+ bore...a little on the frosty side but not dark with nice pronounced rifling. A good solid example of a large frame S&W DA 44.

Item# 9334




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