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S&W .32 DA Revolver MINTY

This is a near Mint example of an early Smith and Wesson Double Action Revolver in .32 caliber. I turned this one up a couple of years ago on a buying trip. It was so nice that I put it up for safekeeping and completely lost track of it until just now. Antique pre-1898 (approx. 209,300) serial number is in the 148,000 range which makes it a 4th Model. 3.5" barrel, five-shot cylinder, nickel-plated finish, with checkered hard rubber grips. Patent dates range from 1865 to 1882.

Overall Condition is NRA Antique Excellent Plus with 99% original nickel plating intact. Trigger guard and barrel latch have 97% bright blue remaining. Vivid case colors remain on the hammer and trigger. Hard rubber grips are Excellent with no chips, cracks, or repairs. Action is tight like New. Bore is Excellent, just a couple of specks off of Mint. Only two of the five chambers show evidence of having been fired. Probably sat in a desk drawer its whole life. Strong collector grade S&W that is worthy of an original box.

Item# 1588




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