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Smith and Wesson 1-1/2 Revolver --Nimschke Engraved w/ Pearl Grips--

This is another S&W 1-1/2 2nd Issue revolver with L.D. Nimschke style floral engraving and pearl grips. The engraving is very similar to item 7009...another 1-1/2 also with pearl grips...which features trademark Nimshcke winding floral patterns with punch dots in the reliefs. This one is in the 45,000 serial range, standard 3-1/2" barrel, in .32 rimfire. Manufactured from 1868-1875.

Overall, NRA Antique Very Good condition with traces of original nickel plating in protected areas with the balance of the metal worn to a light gray patina. Engraving has 75% coverage and is bit worn but very good overall. Nice markings throughout including barrel address with patent dates. Pearl grips are definitely original to this gun as they fit perfectly and show equal amounts of wear and tear. Both grips are in good shape with a couple of minor chips...no major damage or repairs. For a 140 year old revolver that was well used, it's hard to find one still wearing its original pearl grips that haven't been broken in half or missing large chunks. The mechanics are in good working order. Barrel locks up to frame tightly with no wiggle or play. Bore has good rifling with some light scattered pitting here and there. No rings or bulges, and may clean up with a little effort. This is a beautiful little engraved S&W showing honest wear and use.

Item# 7008




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