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S&W Model 1891 Single Action Target Revolver

This is a rare example of the Smith and Wesson Model 1891 Target Revolver. Caliber is .38 S&W. Features include original blued finish, extra wide target hammer, single action trigger mechanism, target grips, and 6" barrel. Low serial number below 2,000. Numbers are matching on the frame, latch, and cylinder. The barrel is not numbered but it's blued and the wear is consistent with the gun indicating it's been on the gun since it was virtually new. Our best guess is that this revolver started out as a somewhat mundane Model 1891 revolver but that the owner ordered the extra length barrel for target shooting. The blue on the straps is very strong indicating that the special target grips were on this gun when new or installed very soon thereafter. They even installed a S&W target blade rear sight on top of the barrel latch. Since many 1891's were sold as single shot target pistols, it must have been fairly common for the Model 1891 revolver to have target features added. In fact, the Jinks book on S&W's shows two of this model with special order replacement barrels. See photos.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Fine Plus. Frame retains 80% original blue with good traces of case colors on the hammer and trigger guard. Cylinder is mostly gray with original blue in the flutes. Barrel retains 70% original blue with a small area of pitting on the right side about an inch from the muzzle. When we received this gun, the grips had a fair bit of old damage...a crack in the left panel along with several chips on the backstrap. Our gunsmith was able to save the special grips and did a masterful job repairing the crack and the chips. You'll have to look hard at the photos to see them. The screws are all in nice shape. Action is in Very Good order. Bore has decent lands and grooves but is a bit frosty...I'd rate it Fair Plus to Good Minus overall. We've been at this for a long time and this is only the 2nd or 3rd Model 1891 we've found over the past decade. It's a beautiful gun and looks like a miniaturized .44 Cal New Model Number Three.

Item# 1583




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