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Smith and Wesson New Model No. 3 Revolver

This is a well-used but respectable example of a Smith and Wesson New Model No. Three Revolver in caliber .44 Russian with 6-1/2" barrel. Serial number is in the high 14,000 range. Numbers are matching. Original checkered wood grips are worn but solid and in good overall condition. Finish was originally blued with just traces in a few protected areas remaining. Very Good barrel address. Action and ejectors are getting a little tired but still work properly with tight lock-up. Bore has its original rifling intact but a bit frosty...Fair+ to Good- overall. This model sold well both in the United States and abroad with several military and police contracts going to the US Coast Guard (Revenue Cutter Service), Japanese navy, Argentine gov't, and South Australian police.

Item# 1594




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