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Smith and Wesson Model 1-1/2 Revolver

Model 1-1/2 that's in pretty good shape at 145 years old. This one is a 1st Issue which were made from 1865-68. These resemble a scaled down S&W Number 2 Army Revolver with its early style saw handle, octagon barrel, and round cylinder. It's in the same caliber as the Number 2 Army, the .32 Rimfire but uses a more compact five-shot cylinder and a shorter 3-1/2" barrel. S&W was basically trying to fill a gap in their product line by offering a pocket model in something larger than their 1st Model which was in .22. This would have competed more directly against competitors like the Moore Teat-Fire revolver and smaller Plant cup-fire revolvers. Serial number is in the 21,000 range. In 1868, a 2nd version of the 1-1/2 was introduced. This time, the exterior of the gun was streamlined with a round birds-head grip, round barrel, and fluted cylinder.

Overall, NRA Antique Fine Condition with 70% blue on the frame and grips straps. Barrel and cylinder have turned more to a brown patina with approximately 20% thin original blue mixed through the patina on the cylinder, and 35% on the barrel that is strong in protected areas. The blue holding better across the frame is quite common on antique Smith and Wessons as the finish tended to fade and flake from the barrels and cylinders due to what was likely a combination of heat from repeated firing, powder residue, and handling. Remember, the barrel had to be tipped up and the cylinder removed by hand each time the gun was reloaded. Fine rosewood grips are solid with no chips, cracks, or repairs. Untouched condition with 95% original varnish showing some light handling marks. Hammer and ejector rod show strong traces of mottled case colors. The mechanics on this gun are flawless...indexes perfectly and cylinder stops engage on every chamber. The barrel catch latches to the frame nicely as well. Bore is bright and shiny with some small spots of light corrosion. A good solid example of the Model 1-1/2.

Item# 7006




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