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S&W .38 Double Action Revolver...Exc+ in Box

This is a nice Smith and Wesson 4th Model Double Action Topbreak Revolver that comes with its original factory box and cleaning brush. Caliber is .38 S&W with 4" barrel, nickel finish, and checkered hard rubber grips. Serial number is in the 360,000 range which is pre-1898 and qualifies it as a legal antique in most states. Later style 19th century markings with S&W logo on side of frame and barrel address with 1889 patent dates. All matching numbers.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent Plus with 97% original nickel plating overall. Original blue on trigger guard, barrel latch, and star ejector are 90%, 70%, and 95% respectively. The original case colors on the hammer and trigger are vivid with the only wear being on the face of trigger and top of the hammer spur. Backs and profiles are incredible which range from rich purple/blues and greens to tan/tobacco. Checkered hard rubber grips are Excellent with sharp checkering, no chips, and perfect metal fit. Action is in nice shape and works in both double and single action modes. Indexes properly. Barrel latch is tight. Bore is mostly Bright with strong lands and grooves. It was not used very much and should be Excellent but someone forgot to clean it resulting in some light scattered corrosion...not bad but there and typical for a black powder era gun. Therefore, I'd grade it Very Good and may grade up a little better with some scrubbing. The original S&W box is all there...no splits or broken sides. The inside label is intact but the outside is weathered (looks like it was found in a barn or attic) with only fragments of the original outside label on the end. If you look closely, there is a fragment remaining with the letters "NI"...which is for nickel. Nice antique topbreak S&W! These are getting tough to come by in their original boxes!

Item# 1716




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