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S&W 1-1/2 SA Minty with Original Box

This is a nearly perfect example of a late S&W Model 1-1/2 Single Action in .32 caliber still in the original factory box. Specs: 3.5" barrel, five-shot cylinder, nickel plated finish, and S&W checkered hard rubber grips. The 1-1/2 was the first .32 caliber handgun in their line to use the new topbreak design...a vast improvement to the early tip-up hinge design which was as awkward as it was weak. It replaced the pocket-sized 1-1/2 Tip Up frame revolvers produced from 1865 to 1875. These had been S&W's medium size revolver in its product line-up. The 1-1/2 SA was introduced in 1878 and produced through 1892. These were among the last S&W's to utilize a spur trigger...a feature that could be dated back to the firm's first revolver in the 1850's. In addition to the stronger design, the other important feature with the topbreak was an automatic cartridge ejector which discarded the spent shell casings via a spring loaded piston when the barrel was tipped forward. This particular example is one of the later Model 1-1/2's with a serial number in the 91,000 range.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent Plus with 98% bright original nickel. Hammer retains nearly all of its original case color hardened finish, 90% original blue on the barrel latch and 98% on ejector spring. The trigger even retains 85% percent of its original straw-colored tempered finish. Grips are Mint with intricate S&W logo. Excellent screws and pins throughout. The 1-1/2 Models have a very interesting barrel address with basically two rows of patents across the rib with additional patents forked along the circumference of the topstrap. Patents go up to 1877 which is correct. Action is excellent...latch is still tight like new. Bore is bright and shiny with strong land and grooves...mostly Excellent but there is a small patch of pitting about midway so will call it Very Good Overall. The box is in Good Plus Condition...solid and complete with no pieces missing. Unlike the early red boxes supplied for the 1-1/2, it appears that the late green boxes never came with a cardboard partition as I can find no evidence of there having been one. Great example of an early S&W design with a desirable antique serial number and original box.

Item# 1722




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