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Smith and Wesson No. 1 1/2 First Issue Revolver

This is an early mid-1860's production S&W 1 1/2, 1st Issue revolver in .32 rimfire.  Produced from 1865-1868.  Serial number is in the 20,000  range.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine with approximately 90% bright original blue on the frame with a bit of freckling.  Cylinder looks the same as frame with lots of strong finish only its mixed with more patina to about 60% bright blue.  Barrel has mostly flaked (its our theory that heat generated from repeating firing often caused finish to flake from S&W barrels) down to 30% original blue.  Excellent rosewood grips retain 90% original varnish.  Nice S&W barrel address with 1859 and 1865 patent dates.  Action works quite well.  The barrel hinge is solid with no cracks but a little bit to wear there is some slight wiggle to the barrel against the frame which is typical of most No. 1's, 2's, and 1 1/2's with the early tip-up barrels..  Bore is still somewhat bright with strong rifling mixed with typical light pits from 19th century black powder ammunition.  All in all, a nice early S&W tip up revolver that is well above average.

Item# 8738




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