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Winchester Reloading Set in .44 S&W Russian **MINTY IN BOX**

This is about the nicest set of Winchester reloading tools in .44 Russian that we've ever seen. They're still in the original Winchester factory box. Contents: one Winchester Model 1882 reloading tool in .44 Russian, one original Winchester decapper pin correctly marked "44 RUSS"., one 5th Model Bullet Mold in .44 Russian. Both tools exhibit 95% original blue overall. Mold has excellent cavity. The mold body has a tiny pin on left side which appears to keep the screw that secures the sprue cutter from backing out. Never seen one like this before on a Winchester but have seen many Ideal Molds with a similar device. Box is in Very Good Condition. This is such an unusual caliber for Winchester that the box uses a special label where the caliber is written in by hand. Beautiful set and in a hard-to-find caliber. This would compliment any Smith and Wesson New Model Number 3 Revolver or DA Revolver in .44 Russian.

Item# 1564




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