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Smith and Wesson No. 1-1/2, 1st Issue Revolver

S&W No. 1-1/2, 1st Issue Revolver in NRA Antique Excellent Condition. This was Smith and Wesson's first pocket sized revolver in .32 caliber...basically a scaled down version of the S&W No. 2 Army Revolver. The First Issue looks very similar to the No. 2 with its round non-fluted cylinder, octagon barrel, and saw-handle grips. Made from 1865-68. This one features a standard 3-1/2" barrel with blued finish and rosewood grips.

As you can see from the photos, this Model 1-1/2 is in surprisingly good shape for its age and grades well into the "Excellent" range per NRA Antique Firearms Condition Guidelines. The frame has 95% strong bright original blue. Barrel retains 80% original blue with some flaking towards the muzzle along the sides. The gripstraps still show 75-80% bright blue. The cylinder shows almost no wear but has flaked to 25% original blue on the outside. My personal theory is these tended to flake from heat expansion when the gun was fired. Yet, the front face, rear face, and even inside the chambers of the cylinder retain nearly all their original blue. From its appearance, this revolver was probably fired no more than a few times and then carefully tucked away in a drawer for an emergency which never came. The hammer has 80% bright original case colors as does the ejector rod mounted beneath the barrel. The barrel latch and hinge are VERY TIGHT...perfect...tight as new. The bore is Excellent, bright and shiny with just a couple spots of light corrosion. The action cycles flawlessly. Grips are Excellent+ retaining 98% original varnish with no chips, cracks, or repairs. This is a nice investment grade antique Smith and Wesson Revolver and one of the better 1-1/2's we've had in several years. A nice S&W No. 2 Army in this condition would be worth $2,500-3000. These 1-1/2's are still affordable, not easy to find in this level of condition, and still have plenty of room to appreciate as an investment.

Item# 7004




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