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Smith and Wesson 32 DA Revolver --Blued w/ Orig. Marbled Grips--

This is a Excellent example of a Smith & Wesson 32 Caliber Double Action Revolver with desirable blued finish and scarce marbled red/black checkered hard rubber grips.  It has Antique serial number is in the 71,000 range putting it in the 4th Model range (1884-1909)/(43,000-282,000).  Judging by the serial number, this was most likely to have been manufactured during the mid-late 1880's as the patent dates across the barrel rib only go up to 1882 and lacks the later 1889 patent. Barrel measures 3-1/2" barrel with 5 shot cylinder.  We seldom find S&W's with these wonderful red and black grips but the times we have, they have usually been on early Antique SA's and DA's...all with blued finish instead of the more common Nickel Plated Finish. They're somewhat tough to find in any condition but when you find one like this with high percentages of finish, they really stand out with the blue finish. This is 3rd one we've come across since the site began and the first one we've found in the .32 Double Action configuration.  Over the years, we've been fortunate enough to find a S&W .32 SA and a S&W .38 DA. in this eye-catching configuration.  See links:



Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent.  100% All matching serial numbers including the grips! The metal retains 85% of its original blue.  This gun shows little loss to the finish from actual wear...just age creeping into the finish so it looks more like a 98% gun with little brown specs of soft patina which brings it down to 85% overall.  The hammer and trigger show most of their bright original case colors. Front sight shows 40% of its original nickel plating and 100% on the ejector star...which are proper for a blued gun. Excellent screws and pins throughout.  Markings are perfect. Nice mechanics which function perfectly in single and double action modes.  The ejectors still pop up and down when the barrel is tipped forward and it still latches up perfectly to the frame with no wobble.  Bore is Excellent overall.  A nice little antique Smith and Wesson with plenty of eye appeal!

Item# 1384




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