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S&W 2nd Model DA Revolver w/ Special Order Lanyard & Holster

This is a really unique Smith and Wesson Double Action Revolver. It's an early 2nd Model with a 4" barrel in .38 S&W. Serial number is in the 110,000 range. M'fd. circa 1884. As you will note in the pictures, this one really saw some use but what's unique about it is that it has a factory special order lanyard loop at the base of the grips which is very unusual to find on a pocket model. The reason we know it's factory is that S&W had to break the serial number into two parts and turn them 90 degrees to accomodate the addition of the lanyard. See photos. Normally, they are stamped horizontally across the bottomstrap. If this were a dealer add-on (which it's not), the ring would have been right through the middle of the serial number. Clearly, someone knew what they wanted and went to the trouble of ordering it this way. You can tell this revolver was a very important piece of equipment to someone and in fact, we were told that its original owner was a police officer from northern Ohio. Unfortunately, we do not know which town or his full name. It comes with its original leather flap holster which is worn through in places and you can clearly see the shape of the revolver formed into the leather from many years of carry use. When we found it, it did not have the original grips. One side had an old Iver and Johnson grip and the other off of a Hopkins and Allen. The officer probably wore out and/or broke the original pair of hard rubber grips. Fortunately, we found an original pair that fit it perfectly. Overall condition is NRA Antique Fair+ to Good-. It has almost zero original nickel remaining and the metal is quite worn having turned to a dark gray/brown patina. Screws are in very good shape overall.. Serial number is quite good and the barrel is still completely legible but the edges are slightly rounded. The barrel latch has a bit of play but locks up fairly well. Bore is just Fair. The action still works pretty well in single and double action modes. Ejectors work. All matching numbers on barrel, latch, cylinder, and frame. While this S&W lacks condition, it makes up for it in character and history. You almost never find these early pocket DA's with special order options. A unique Smith and Wesson used by 19th century law enforcement.

Item# 1802




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