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Smith and Wesson Model 1 1/2 Revolver

Nice strong example of the Model 1 1/2, 2nd Issue Revolver.   Standard blued finish with rosewood grips.  Produced by Smith and Wesson from 1868-1875, this was the firm's final improvement of the .32 rimfire tip-up with the more stylish stream-lined barrel, fluted cylinder, and birdshead grips.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent with exceptionally bright original blued finish which breaks down to 96% on the frame and straps, 92% on the barrel, and 85% on the cylinder.   Most 1 1/2's lack much original blue across the barrel and cylinders.   This is either due to heat expansion from firing which caused the blue to flake or uncleaned fingerprints from the owner grabbing hold of the barrel to tip-up and reload the cylinder.   Either way, not many have survived with such consistent blue as this one.   Hammer, ejector pin, and trigger still show most of their original case colors.   Rosewood grips are untouched and still retain 85% original piano varnish.   Very good screws and pins throughout.   Barrel is nice and tight to the frame.   Action functions flawlessly.   Nice bright shiny bore with strong rifling that has a few minor spots.  You can still see the S&W machine marks down in the grooves revealing very little usage.   A nice example of a S&W for a fair price...a couple percent better and the prices for these jump way up into the mid-teens.   Sadly, two-dimensional digital pics just don't do this one justice.   A really nice gun for the money!

Item# 1124




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