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Smith and Wesson New Model No. 3 Revolver -Unfired-

Smith & Wesson New Model Number Three revolver in .44 S&W Russian Caliber. This is one of the nicest S&W's we've ever offered. Blued finish, hard rubber grips with 6.5" barrel and standard sights. This one has a couple of interesting features.  For starters, it has a factory installed lanyard loop.  Also, its Serial number is in the 29,000 range making it one of a  small group NM #3's that has the plain barrel address with no patent dates.  An interesting variation that's mentioned in Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms.  See photos.  

Overall, its about 95% bright original blue with some brown freckles from age.  Only blemishes are a few light scratches/rub wear on the right side of the frame and a little spot on the cylinder.  Case colors on the hammer and trigger guard are Excellent. I've looked and looked and can find zero evidence this revolver has ever been fired.  The bore and chambers still have all of their original blue as does the face of the recoil shield and barrel cone.  There is no flaking of the original blue on the barrel or cylinder from heat expansion....quite common on antique S&W's. The bore is MINT and the action is flawless.  Hard rubber grips are excellent.  The photos just don't do this one justice as my camera has a tendency to exaggerate small blemishes that normally wouldn't be noticeable to the naked eye!  This one looks EVEN better in person!

Item# 0996




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