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Smith & Wesson No. 1 Revolver

This is an exceptionally nice example of a blued Smith and Wesson No. 1, 3rd Issue in .22 Caliber.  Made from 1868-1881.  Serial number is in the 68,000 range.  Standard 3 1/8" barrel, 7 shot fluted cylinder, and birds head grips.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent with 95% bright original blue on the frame and 90% blue on the handle straps.  The barrel and cylinder areas are especially prone to finish flaking off due to heat expansion.  We've seen guns that are otherwise virtually mint missing most or all of their blue from these areas. However, this S&W is surprisingly good for a No. 1 S&W with 80% original barrel blue and 70% still remaining on the cylinder with some light closet rust down in the flutes.  Hammer shows 80% original case colors.  Excellent rosewood grips retain 90% original varnish with perfect wood to metal fit, no chips, and no cracks.  The barrel to frame lockup on these early tip-up guns are usually loose...even on near perfect examples.  This revolver is certainly an exception to that rule and is the best we've ever seen for a No.1  In fact, its the tightest S&W with a tip-up frame we've ever seen of any No. 1, No 1 1/2, or No. 2...just like new!  The action works nicely and the bore is Fine...still bright with strong rifling.   A nice strong example of  an early S&W revolver.  These are getting very tough to find with good examples with original blue left on the barrel and cylinders.  One just a little better can get pricey in a hurry.  Find one maybe a shade or two better and expect to pay a lot, usually in the $1500.00-2000.00 range. This example was formerly in the collection of Dick Littlefield.

Item# 0827




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