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Smith and Wesson Number 2 Army Revolver w/ Civil War Inscription

This is an early S&W No. Two Army Belt Revolver in .32 rimfire with an interesting Civil War era inscription professionally engraved across the left sideplate which simply reads "Ed. Morris". The serial number is in the 8,600 range which dates this No. 2 to circa 1861-62 at the beginning of the Civil War. This gun came from a 50+ year old collection in the northeast so our guess is that Mr. Edward Morris privately purchased this S&W upon joining a Union regiment before heading off to war. There were approximately 35,000 Number Two Army Revolvers produced by Smith and Wesson from 1860-65 which could have seen use during the Civil War. Given the considerable wear, its early production date, and the owner's inscription, this certainly fits the profile of a Number Two Army that saw action during the Civil War. The Number Two was immensely popular with soldiers who used these earliest cartridge revolvers as personal carry weapons. With their self-contained copper shelled ammunition, the S&W was one of the few weapons in the Civil War that was waterproof. It was also easy to fire and reload.

Overall Condition is NRA Antique Good+ with the metal turned mostly to a somewhat frosty brown patina that shows traces of original blue in protected areas...around the screw and pin holes, etc. The grips are in Good condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs that are numbered to the gun and show some original varnish. Very Good mechanics with a solid hinge that still latches the barrel tightly against the frame. Barrel address and patent dates across the circumference of the cylinder are sharp and legible. Bore is mostly bright for about 2/3 of the length and turns dark with pitting towards the muzzle...thus averages to just Fair Overall. All in all, a very decent early example of the S&W No. 2 Army with a Civil War era inscription.

Item# 7012




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