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Smith & Wesson No. 1 1/2 Revolver

This is a Model 1 1/2, 2nd Issue S&W tip-up revolver in Caliber .32 rimfire and 5 shot cylinder.  Standard blued finish, case colored hammer, and rosewood grips.  The 2nd issue was built from 1868 to 1875 and shared the same continued serial range as its predecessor the 1st issue (1865-1868).  The basic difference between the 1st and 2nd issue are barrels went from octagon to round, cylinders are changed from round to fluted, the grips evolve from a saw-handle to a more rounded birdshead grip, and the location of the cylinder stop is moved from the bottom to the top of the frame like a large frame No. 2 Army Revolver.  This one appears to be a fairly early 2nd Issue as its in the 37,000 range. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine++ to Excellent retaining 85-90% bright blue on the frame mixed with some brown speckles, 80% cylinder, and 60% barrel blue. Even the front and backstrap retain almost all of their original blue. Note: Very little of the blue loss on this gun is due to wear...its mainly from storage or flaking. Its not easy to find these with much barrel blue remaining as they were highly prone to flaking. The culprit?  Our theory at least was from heat expansion of the thinner barrel walls from firing the weapon caused flaking.  At any rate, this one shows more blue than we usually see and what's there is still pretty bright.  The hammer still has 90% vivid case colors remaining....and these aren't the mottled grey/blue patterns we normally see on S&W's but brilliant greens, blues, purple, and reddish oranges.  Grips have 80% original varnish remaing with perfect wood to metal fit and no chips, cracks, or reparis.  Good screws and pins. Good working action.  Barrel to frame lockup is pretty good with a strong hinge.  There is a hint of wobble but only if you push on the barrel. I'll put it this way...we've seen near mint examples with more play than this one.  A nice nice example of a 1 1/2 in well above average condition.

Item# 0623




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