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Smith & Wesson 1st Model Schofield Revolver --"US" & "SFPD" Marked

This is an exceptionally nice US Marked Smith and Wesson 1st Model Schofield Revolver.  Standard 7" barrel, blued finish, wood grips, in Caliber .45 S&W.  There is a clear "US" property marking on the bottomstrap along with a good cartouche on the left grip.  In addition to Gov't markings, there is also a 3 digit rack number on the backstrap indicating this was also used by the San Francisco Police Dept.  The story goes that during the Sand Lot Riots of 1877, the Governor of California pestered the Army to assist the Police in putting down the Riots.  The Army finally gave in and released small quantities of small arms, including a number of S&W Schofields, from the Benecia Arsenal as an apparent loan to the San Francisco Police Dept.  Afterwards, its generally believed that rather than returning these weapons, the SFPD kept them for auxillary purposes and placed their own property numbers on the backstrap of each revolver.  Of the few examples found, these Schofields tend to be in rather nice condition and show limited usage.  We would like to extend our many thanks to S&W Collector and Author David Chicoine for sharing his vast knowledge on the subject of the SFPD Schofields.  Mr. Chicoine mentioned that he's personally seen about half a dozen of these SFPD Schofields over the years and most have come from the San Fran area.  This particular gun seems to be no exception to Mr. Chicoine's observations as it too came from a California family.  Note: You will also find similar numbers on Colt Lightning Rifles that were also issued to the SFPD around turn of the century. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ showing very little use with 85% bright original blue on the frame.  Note: This is original blue...Not an arsenal or commercial refinish many Schofields you find today. The barrel has 50-60% original blue with the balance worn to a very light patina towards the front from holster wear.  The cylinder has 35% original blue mostly inside the flutes.  Barrel latch, trigger, and automatic ejector spring show 85-90% original tempered blue with noticeable case colors on the trigger guard and hammer.  Good screws overall...several show strong traces of original fire blue. Very Good original walnut grips have never been sanded or refinished and fit the metal perfectly.  Good cartouche on the left grip and appears identical to one we had about 8 years ago.  The action works perfectly and so does the automatic ejector when the barrel is pivoted forward. Barrel to frame lockup is tight with zero play or wiggle.  The bore is Mint!  Other than sustaining some wear from a leather holster, this Schofield shows remarkably little wear for a US Gov't Issued Weapon built in 1875.  This is the nicest Schofield we've offered in nearly a decade.  Best of all, you can this historical S&W w/Western history for a fraction of the price of a martially marked Colt Single Action Army revolver in similar condition.

Item# 0678




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