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Spanish American War Photo of US Troops posing with Colts and Springfields

This is an old Span-Am War era photograph showing eight heavily armed men posing in camp in front of their canvas tents.  Our best guess is this was probably taken sometime during the Spring to Summer of 1898 in Georgia or Tennessee where many troops were in Southern camps either training or awaiting departure for Cuba.  The back of the card is stamped "HENDERSON & MAYBERRY, PHOTOGRAPHERS LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN."  with what looks like a handwritten name..."Dent Pash".  Not sure about the spelling for the last name.   These appear to be National Guard troops with their blue wool uniforms and the fact that they're armed with Model 1884 Trapdoor Springfield rifles instead of Krag Rifles.  What makes this photograph interesting to us are the two new Colt Model 1895 New Armyi Double Action revolvers that the corporal and the sergeant are proudly brandishing.  If you look closely, the fellow in the center of the back row is holding what looks like a Smith and Wesson Double Action Frontier Revolver.  In addition to the guns, there is also a lot of good gear in this photo...from their campaign hats, the bayonets on the Trapdoors to their 45-70 caliber Mills Cartridge Belts.  In the backdrop, are a mixture of what look to be Southern yellow pine trees and hardwoods...common to Georgia and Tennessee.  A nice detailed photo measuring approx. 7 1/2" x 4 1/2"...or 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" including the original cardboard matte.

Item# 0830




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