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Spencer Model 1865 Carbine

This is a nice example of the Model 1865 Spencer carbine.  Note: This is a Model 1865 and not a post-war rebuild of an earlier Model 1860 with weak markings.  As many of you know, there were two versions of the Model 1865...one was produced by Spencer (this gun) and the other was mfd under license by Burnside.  The main difference between the two 1865's besides the markings are the Spencer has 6 groove rifling while the Burnside has 3 groove rifling.  Spencer built the M. 1865's from 1865-1866 in their own exclusive serial range totalling 23,000.  The particular carbine is in the 9500 range..  Like most 65's produced by Spencer, it has the shorter 20" barrel in .50 Caliber with that  6 groove rifling.  It also has the  Stabler magazine cut-off device which allows the gun to be used as a single shot rifle while holding the fully-loaded 7 round magazine in reserve.  Complete with original sights, sling swivel, stock swivel, and correct late model Spencer magazine w/serrated base plate. 

NRA Antique Fine Overall condition.  The receiver still shows 30-40% original case colors that are light and fading in the open areas and stronger in protected places...i.e. around hammer and flare of receiver.  The balance of the frame is mostly case colors that have worn to a nickelly silver appearance that are beginning to mix with light patina.  The frame has a very attractive look overall and well above your average Spencer.  The action reveals nice strong case colors when the lever is pulled down exposing the top of the lever and breech.  Barrel has 40% original blue remaining that's mixing with a light patina.  Rear sight spring still has 50% original fire blue remaining.  Good screws overall. Nice action with an Excellent bright shiny bore with strong rifling.  Nice markings throughout which include the "M. 1865" designation on the barrel and Spenceer address and 1860 Patent date atop the frame.  Stocks are in Very Good+ condition with a good "ESA" inspector cartouch on the left side of the stock behind the saddle ring.  The wood show some minor dings and scratches typical of military handling but still quite smooth overall.  Nice wood to metal fit with wood still swelling slightly proud out over the metal as it should in most places.  A nice strong representative of a Spencer carbine.

Item# 0646




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