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Springfield U.S. Model 1863 Rifle

This is a good solid example of a Type II Model 1863 Springfield made in 1864.  Standard .58 Caliber with 40" barrel, military sights, semi-crescent buttplate, and sling swivels. The Model 1863 was the final version of the last percussion rifle used by the United States Military and played an important role during the latter days of the Civil War.  The type II was built from 1864-65 andused a more econocial one-leaf rear sight and went back to the older-style proven flat band retaining springs in contrast to the split bands of the type I.  This one still has its original tulip head ramrod which is correct for many Type II's. 

Overall, this rifle is in NRA Antique Good+ condition with the metal turned to a mostly smooth rich patina.  We purchased this rifle from a fellow OGCA member who had recently picked it up from an Ohio family.  Most Springifields and Enfields you find are usually missing at LEAST something, perhaps a sight or a sight leaf, maybe wrong ramrod or no ramrod, or had their sling swivels removed.  This rifle came complete with everything intact!!!!  The only thing we had to replace was the original percussion nipple...the cone was broken off.  This rifle looks to us like it spent some time in the War and not  like it sat around somewhere unissued until after the war was over.  It shows a little pitting around the bolster from ignition flash and nicks and carry wear...just enough to tell you, "hey, I was there, I did something."  The soldier who carried it even proudly placed his initials in the stock.  Best of all, this one still has everything a collector would want to find on a Model 1863.  The lockplate is marked "U.S." over "Springfield" with a war Eagle posed with a shield whose talons are clasping an olive branch and a brace of arrows.  The back of the lockplate is dated 1864.  Both inspector cartouches are light but still visible on the left side of the stock.  The barrel still shows some of its original date and the type II single leaf sight is intact. The side of the barrel is marked "V" over "P" sideways with a Springfield Eagle proof. Correct original beveled Model 1863 hammer with nice knurling inside of a shield border.  The eagle on the bolster is lightly pitted from percussion cap residue but still visible.    Buttplate is marked "US" on the top tang.  Nice bore still has survived with all of its original 3 groove rifling intact. Very good untouched original wood has never been sanded or cleaned.  The original finish has turned to a dark russet reddish brown hue over the past 140 years.  Perfect wood to metal fit with no shrinkage or undersizing.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  The letters "JS" are nicely carved into the left side of the stock.  A nice solid example of a Type II Model 1863 Springfield.

Item# 0607




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