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US Model 1879 Trapdoor Carbine owned by Gov. PA

This is a Model 1879 Trapdoor carbine....it started out its life as an infantry rifle and was converted to look like a carbine....done a very very long time ago.   It came to us from the collection of former Pennsylvania Governor Edward Martin (1879-1967).  Martin was not just a collector, he served in the PA National Guard during the Spanish American War and the Phillipines circa 1898-99.  Given that most National Guard troops were armed with Springfield Trapdoor rifles, this could very well have been Mr. Martin's rifle during that conflict...or simply one he purchased in later years perhaps from an outfit like Bannerman's.  Martin was belonged to a small group of Americans to have served his country through four wars/conflicts through a 45 year career.  This included the Spanish American War in the Phillipines, Mexican Punitive Expedition of 1916, World War One and World War Two.  A self-made man, Martin rose from a private to the rank of Major General of the 28th Division before he was forced into retirement at the age of 62.  From there, Martin was elected Governor of PA from 1943-48.  He then went on to serve two terms in the US Senate before retiring from a life of service in 1958.  After his passing, this rifle was placed in the care of Mr. Martin's son who kept his father's collection for the past 40 years . 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Good+ to VG....hasn't been cleaned in decades.  Needs a good cleaning but metal and wood look nice with sharp corners, edges, and markings throughout.  Overall, it appears to be a brown patina...but it has so much dried grease and oil on it, there could be some original finish underneath.  Caliber 45-70. Barrel is just shy of 24".  Front sight has been there forever.  Serial number is 196286.  Has a very nice 1882 dated cartouche on left side of stock.  Circle P cartouche on bottom of stock.  Original rear sight marked "R" for rifle. Breech marked "US MODEL 1873".  The forend of the stock has been sculpted to resemble a cavalry carbine with the ramrod channel filled. As mentioned earlier...this was done a VERY long time ago...perhaps by Bannerman..or even Mr. Martin himself.  An interesting Trapdoor that once belonged to Span-Am War veteran.

Item# 0837




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