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US Springfield Model 1896 Bolt Action Rifle

This is a nice example of the Springfield US Model 1896 Krag rifle that is well above average. Antique Serial number is in the 102,000 range and was built in 1898. Most of these 1896's saw action in Cuba and/or the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. Caliber 30-40 Krag. Original cartouche on the left side of the stock is visible and dated "1898". The stock has an old painted and varnished rack number on the right side. Note how the varnish protected the original hue of the walnut while the original oil stained finish turned to a deep red from age and oxygen.

One collector who saw rifle mentioned the number pertained to a Krag issued to US Navy or Marines aboard a ship. That is possible as after the Army received the new Model 1903 Springfield, Krags were handed down to other service branches as late as WWII. That said, I've seen old WWI era photographs of sailors armed with Krags. The same can be said for the old Colt Double Action Model 1894 Revolvers. Quite a few were given to the Navy during the First World War.

Correct early style rear sight. Lots of original blue on the metal. Wood is in Very Good Condition with the typical military wear marks and rack marks. The wood is solid. No cracks including the handguard. Trap under the buttplate still has the original cleaning rods. Strong action and a minty bore that is bright and shiny with no pits.

Item# 9420




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