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Starr Model 1858 Army Revolver

This is an excellent example of a martially-marked Starr Arms Double Action Army Percussion Revolver. Caliber is .44 with a six-shot cylinder and 6" barrel. Starr Arms produced this model from 1858 until about 1862 when it was replaced by the Model 1863 which was of a simpler single action design. About 23,000 Model 1858's were produced. This one is in the 7,900 range and has matching numbers. Grips are nicely cartouched on both sides while the metal parts bear small US government sub-inspector stamps. Overall Condition grades well into NRA Antique Excellent with 99.9% bright blue on the frame and barrel. Hammer and loading lever show 95% strong original case colors. The cylinder has mostly flaked with 25% original blue mixed through a pleasing light brown patina. Screws retain nearly all their original fire blue. The unusual action on this gun is in nice working order. Bore is Mint.

Item# 1632




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