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Lyman Tang sight

Original Lyman Tang sight. These will mount to the upper tang of any Winchester Model 1892 or 1894. This one has the base code "DA" -designating its use for the Winchester Model 1894, .25/35, .30/30 & .32 Special calibers (basically works on their smokeless calibers) as well as the Model 53, .25/20 & .32/20 calibers, Model 55, .30/30 caliber, Models 64 & 65.Although, our research didn't say, this would almost certainly be correct for the Model 1892 in 25-20 and 32-20 as well since the Models 53 and 65 were just an updated version with the same frame. Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine with 50% original blue. Top of the base is marked "LYMAN MIDDLEFIELD CONN. USA.".

Item# 0767




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