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Tower Enfield Pattern 1853 3-Band Rifle

This is a good example of a Enfield Pattern 1853 rifle imported during the Civil War and used by both the Union and Confederacy.  Due to limited manufacturing capabilities in the South, the Confederacy relied heavily on Enfield rifles that were run through the blockade to arm its troops. Standard  39" barrel, 3 bands, with brass furniture.  Everything is correct on this one.  The lockplate is marked "TOWER" over "1863" with correct borderline engraving on the plate and the hammer.  There is an unmarked crown symbol behind the hammer ---this is correct for an imported weapon used during the Civil War. Like most Tower marked rifles, this particular rifle was made in Birmingham England as it bears proofmarks from that region on the barrel as well as two correct "25" gauge stamps...(25 gauge = .577 Caliber).  Overall, it shows plenty of wear but is remarkably complete with its original sights, sling swivels and ramrod.  Typical of many Civil War-used Enfields, it has some erosion to the wood around the bolster from sparks.   The metal has turned to a deep brown patina that is generally smooth with some light pits around the bolster.  After 145 years, it was time to replace the original nipple with a new one as the original nipple was severely worn and damaged.   The brass furniture has never been cleaned/polished and has aged to a deep caramel colored patina.  The wood shows plenty of use but its solid and has a really nice light colored light reddish brown hue to it with a fantastic patina.  I've seen plenty of better Enfields than this rifle over the years but its not easy to find one with this much character that displays this well.  It's seen plenty of action, but just has a great look to it.

Item# 0221




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