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US Model 1910 RIA Artificer's Chest

Here is the word of the day folks! ARTIFICER. It means a skilled artisan or craftsmen as well as a serviceman whose been trained as a mechanic. This is an original US Army Model 1910 Artificer's Chest which originally contained various tools and spare parts to keep the US Army Model 1903 Springfield Rifle, Colt Revolver, shoes, and web gear, repaired and functioning out in the field. It was made by the Rock Island Arsenal and dated 1911...just before the Colt 1911 was introduced. While the tools and parts are long gone, the box itself still has its original olive drab paint and stencils. The inside of the box had a list of tools and spare parts including a recessed cutout for a saw. Whoever designed this box must have learned many lessons from being out in the field as it was not only made to be carried on a wagon, it was made to fall off of a wagon. By that, I mean it is built like a brick outhouse! There was quite a bit of thought that went into its construction and it must have been fairly expensive to make. For starters, every edge on the outer casing is clad with steel. We're not talking strips of steel bent around the edges and nailed in...oh no....that might snag...and those nails might pop loose. Instead, the edges of the wood were recessed so that the steel re-enforcements would lie flush with the sides of the box. No nails either...counter sunk screws. The hinges have heavy duty 3-4" arms that are also recessed. From there, the handle is also similar to something you'd find on a navy officer's foot locker with a recessed brass handle. The lock mechanism still has its original key and I kid you not, there is a sliding brass cover that goes over the key hole to block sand and dirt. Inside, most of the original partitions are there with the exception of one or two. This box came to us from the estate of a 96-year-old WW2 vet who had all kinds of old items stored inside it for many years. This would make a great accessory to any US militaria collection but for anyone who builds furniture, this would be a great item for study.

Item# 1867




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