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Large Circa 1903 Photograph of Hunter with Winchester 1876 Rifle

This is a great photo of a proud hunter posing beside his hunting cabin with his prized Model 1876 Winchester Rifle.  The photo is quite large 7.5"  x 9.25" and overall 10" x 12" with the Matting.  The person we bought this from stated "This photograph was one of a group of antique albumen mounted photographs. One of the albumen photograph in the group has a handwritten note on back which says" Hunting Cabin on Cheat Mountain, West Virginia 1903"."  The photo shows great detail...and you won't find a better one of a Model 1876 Winchester.  You can see the varnish on the stock reflecting the leaves on the ground and it clearly has an octagon barrel with the ladder flip-up rear sight.  The frame almost looks like its case colored..or it could just be wear and finger prints in the blued finish.  The man appears to be in his middle 40s with a cookie duster mustache and sideburns.  He's leaning against his cabin which appears to be under hasty construction, perhaps for the soon upcoming hunting season.  You can see the wood chips all around his feet where he's notching the logs as well as tree moss he's placed in between the logs.  For a guy working on a cabin, he seems a bit well-dressed with a button-up vest, tie, and pin-stripped trousers but his boots are clearly worn...worn toes, holes, and leather patches.  We've all heard the term, "Pick yourself up by your boot straps!"  They clearly don't make boots like they used to nowadays..and boot straps have become lost in time from that quote.  Well, look close and you'll see what real boot straps look like...both are worn and hanging out of the tops of each boot.  A great photo and unlike so many photos we find depicting early American firearms, this one is large enough to frame and hang up on the wall.

Item# 0915




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