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Scarce Navy Issued Whitney Revolver

This is a .36 Caliber Whitney Second Model Revolver that was issued to the United States Navy during the Civil War.  The top of the barrel is clearly stamped with a Naval Anchor just behind the Whitney New Haven address.  Cylinder bears Naval Inspectors initials "F" <over> "HKH" which stands for Henry K. Hoff. Henry Hoff inspected Whitney Revolvers and Sharps and Hankins Carbines for the US Navy during the Civil War.  Standard 7 1/2" octagonal barrel, 2 piece walnut grips, 6 shot cylinder, and late Colt-style loading lever. Serial number is 25382 with 100% all matching numbers.  This one probably dates to around 1864-65.  Whitney placed some of their serial numbers internally so we had to remove some parts to verify all numbers were matching...which includes barrel, lever, plunger, triggerguard, frame, cylinder, and both grips.  See photos. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Good.  The metal has aged to a soft grey patina that shows oxidation (probably from salty air) with some light texture that has smoothed over time from additional wear.  Edges are slightly worn but decent as are the markings.  Good screws throughout.  Grips look great...very good condition overall with most original varnish still present.  Grips have 3 notches in them at the base...Captured Confederate Blockade Runners?  Battle at Fort Fisher?  Or did some Cowboy own this from Gov't surplus after the war?  Who knows.  The grips have one notable flaw. If you look very closely at the right grip, you will notice a slice of wood must have broken off along the backstrap...someone (a long time ago) came in and did a commendable job of repairing the missing piece with a correct piece of walnut...even matching up the direction of the grain on to the rest of the panel.  A nice job that doesn't distract a bit from the appearance of the gun.  Mechanically, everything works fairly well....hand arm is a tad worn so indexing is a hair off.  Bore has some dark spots but good+ rifling...generally good overall.  A well-used example of a rare and historic Whitney Revolver that was issued to the US Navy during the Civil War.

Item# 0874




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