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Whitney Navy Revolver

This Whitney Navy is a late one with lots of original finish remaining on the metal and grips. SN# is in the 30,000 range.  7 1/2" octagon barrel in .36 caliber with 6 shot cylinder. Colt type loading lever.  All matching numbers and assembly numbers including grips.  Whitney roll-engraved their cylinders very lightly but this one is still visible in places...they're usually worn off completely.  Traces of case colors on the back of the hammer. Barrel still shows 60% original blue with some light case colors on the hinge of the loading lever...very strong underneath.  Frame is worn to a grey patina with a little bit of roughness..  Grips are excellent with perfect wood to metal fit and 90% original varnish.   A few handling marks but no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Action works nicely.  Bore is Very good up towards the front half  but gets dark with pitting towards the back...so just fair overal  We don't see very many of these original finish...this one is well above average for a Whitney.

Item# 0873




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