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Whitney US Navy-marked Revolver

This is a Second Model Whitney Navy Revolver in .36 caliber and 7 1/2" octagon barrel.  Serial number is in the 24,000 range which makes it a 4th type.  100% all matching numbers throughout which includes, barrel, back of cylinder, loading lever, plunger, inside of frame, underneath triggerguard, and the inside of both grips.  Over half of 2nd Model production was purchased by the US Army and US Navy during the Civil War.  This appears to be a Naval contract as there is the familiar Anchor symbol on top of the barrel.  We're accustomed to see a "US" along with the anchor symbol but Flayderman Guide to Antique American Guns makes reference to more than when type when he states "Variant types of inspector markings especially in Naval contracts will add a modest premium to values.  No doubt, this is one of those lesser known Naval variations. The cylinder also bears some inspector initials P over HKH which are quite a bit larger than typical Army type inspector initials found on Civil War era contract revolvers. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Good+.  The metal looks as though its been has been lightly cleaned to smooth out the surfaces with no harm done to any markings or edges.  All the markings are there with a nice Whitney barrel address, great numbers, and a good anchor symbol.  The one exception to this is the notorious cylinder scene which were lightly rolled and almost always missing.  You can see just traces of scene on this one.  Given the environmental conditions of most Naval arms, this revolver was most likely exposed to high humity and salty air. The metal was probably lightly kissed with pin-dot salt water corrosion which is why some former owner had it cleaned up.  It is what it is, but they did a nice job, and certainly enhanced the overall appearance considerably. The grips are still untouched with great wood to metal fit and have never been sanded. Left grips has 2 notches at the base.  Since they are numbered to the gun, there is no question of their originality to this weapon.  The mechanics are perfect...everything works flawlessly and very tight.  Bore is Very Good with strong lands and grooves and has only minor pits.

We seldom come across American Naval guns of any type so its somewhat exciting to think of the possibilities.  Who carried it?  What ship was it on and where did it go?  Was it out on a ship chasing Confederate blockade runners from out of Nassau or Bermuda?  The possibilities are endless.  A nice example of a Whitney Navy Navy Revolver.

Item# 0747




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