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Winchester 1873 2nd Model Deluxe Rifle

This is a pretty decent example of an early Model 1873 Second Model Deluxe Rifle with burl walnut, checkered stock and forend, pistol grip, set trigger, special extra length octagon barrel, and case color hardened receiver. The rifle letters correctly. Assembly numbers are all matching. Original sights. In fact, it has zero replacement parts. Brown patina overall with traces of original blue in protected areas and remnants of silvered out case color around the side plates. The bore is excellent with its early 5-groove rifling with wide lands. This rifle has all the bells and whistles that the high condition 1873 Deluxe rifles have...only for a fraction of the price. The last one I had in this price range was ten years ago. Not a bad deluxe rifle BUT (and you knew this was coming) it needs a bit of work and some TLC. Call for more details.

Item# 1376




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