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Winchester Model 1873 Deluxe Rifle

This is a beautiful example of a special order Winchester Model 1873 Deluxe rifle.  Its in a fantastic configuration with 28" octagon barrel that's tapered, full magazine, pistol grip stock, checkered, deluxe 3X burl grain walnut, crescent buttplate, case colored frame, set trigger, gold-washed Beech front combination sight, and rare thick-base tang sight.  Caliber is in 38 WCF aka 38-40 which was considered the most accurate chambering for the Model 1873.  Serial number is in the 138,000 range and was manufactured in 1883.  We will be posting the factory record information shortly.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent overall. Note: this is an original finish rifle...not a restoration or clever redo that's been aged to look like an original.  The barrel and the magazine tube retain 90% original blue.  Standard semi-buckhorn rear sight has most of its original finish while the Beech front has 95% of its fragile gold left on the globe....one of the nicest you'll ever see.  The frame, lever, and hammer have nearly full 90%+ coverage of original case colors...however the depth of those colors range from vivid in the more sheltered places to well-faded in more open areas.  In areas that appear to be silvered or washed out in the photos, yet in reality still exhibit blues/greens/and reds.  Unfortunately, cameras don't replace human eyes and are not always the best tools for capturing finish on old guns. Probably the easiest way to quantify the case colors would be to break it down to 20% vivid colors, 30% medium, 40% light colors, and 10% that's either complete faded/silvered out and/or patina.  The loading port has 85% bright vivid fire blue intact.  The wood is in excellent shape with 90% strong original piano varnish intact with the balance of wear mostly confined to the bottom of the forend where the rifle was carried.  The bottom of the pistol grip has its original decorative ebony inlay with star-shaped tip.  The stock has a nice burst of burl on both sides that is quite intense on the left side.  The checkering on the forend and stock are sharp and have never been re-cut.  The bore is near mint and in excellent plus condition.  The action is smooth and tight. Set trigger works perfectly.The nicest example of a Winchester Model 1873 rifle that we've ever offered.

Item# 8215




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