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Winchester 1873 Rifle in 44-40

This is a nice untouched Winchester Model 1873 Rifle in caliber .44 WCF (a.k.a. 44-40). Standard 3rd Model configuration with 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate with sliding brass trapdoor. Serial number is in the 344,000 range which dates its production to the year 1890. Original sights include standard front with German silver blade and semi-buckhorn rear leaf style sight. This rifle is all correct and original for 1890 production with rectangular border checkered pattern on the hammer. Top of barrel is marked "44 W.C.F." with a nice clear "44 CAL" in script on the brass loading block. Barrel address is located on the top flat with Henry's Oct. 16, 1860 patent and King's improvement patent dated March 29, 1866. Upper tang is marked "MODEL 1873" bracketed by double fleur de lis. As noted above, serial number is in the 344,000 range which is located on the lower tang with correct "B" suffix.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good with a dark overall patina on the metal with original blue in the protected areas. There is approximately 10% original blue on the frame with strong blue around the sideplates, receiver flares, and around the trigger on the lower tang. There is also a good bit of original blue speckled through the patina...especially towards the rear sections of the frame...and even a little on the sideplates and front sections of the frame. The left sideplate has some scattered pitting...probably from resting on its side where it was exposed to moisture. The loading port on the right side shows about 10% original fire blue. The barrel and magazine tube have turned mostly to a dark patina with traces of original blue around the rear sight, sides of the octagon along the forearm and some faded blue on the top of the magazine tube and along the lower diagonals of the barrel above the tube. Brass loading block and trapdoor have turned to a perfect mustard patina and show no signs of having ever been cleaned. Very Good screws throughout. Markings are Excellent. The original wood is in NRA Antique Fine Condition showing very little in the way of handling marks. Walnut has turned a nice reddish shade of brown with 35% original varnish remaining on the stock....mostly along the upper sides and blends very nicely with the patina. Forearms usually don't show much in the way of varnish as the rifle was generally carried either here or along the stock wrist. There are only traces of varnish here and there on the forearm. Stocks display perfect wood to metal fit with the walnut standing slightly proud of the metal with no shrinkage. No chips, cracks, or repairs. Action is in Fine Condition. Feels tight with the firing pin still indexing and lever snaps shut and stays "up". Bore is Good Overall with decent rifling with some scattered light pits which is to be expected on a 120+ year old rifle used in the era of black powder. No rings or bulges. This is a nice straight Winchester 1873 rifle in desirable .44 caliber and octagon barrel. Decent rifles in this configuration with antique serial numbers have gotten tougher and tougher to find in recent years.

Item# 1612




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