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Winchester 1873 Rifle Cleaning Rod Set

This is a nice original four piece set of cleaning rods for a Model 1873 Rifle with 24" barrel as well as other models special ordered with trapdoor compartments in their stocks. These rods came standard and were placed in the stocks of all 38-40 and 44-40 sporting rifles via a small sliding brass trap in the buttplate. They were often lost, broken, or discarded in attempt by their owners to lighten the weight of their rifles as well as eliminate unnecessary noise while hunting. This particular set is the later type with steel tip which replaced the brass tip rods around the year 1892 and was used into the 1920's. Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent with most of the bright finish still present, no rust or pitting, and no cracks on the ends. Note that in the photo, there is a bit of discoloration on the segments of the rod...this is from masking tape which was used to keep this set together while in storage. Nice set of original 1873 rods.

Item# 1306




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