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Winchester 1873 Rifle

This is another "Georgia" gun that turned up recently at a local show one weekend.  Like most of the 1873's and 1892's we see here in the southeast, they're usually in either in 32-20 or 38-40.  This one is a 32-20 and a very decent little rifle with sharp edges and nice wood.  Antique pre-1898 serial number is in the 338,000 range.  Made in 1890.  Standard sporting rifle configuration with octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate without trapdoor (which is correct for the 32-20).  Original dust cover and sights which include the front with German silver blade and semi-buckhorn rear.  Strong barrel address, tang markings, and serial number.  Aside from turning mostly brown from the warmer humid climate, this rifle does not appear to have seen excessive use.

Overall it grades to NRA Antique Very Good with the metal turned mostly to a smooth brown patina with the frame revealing original blue finish in the protected areas...i.e. around the sideplates, under the lever, end flares, and a decent sized patch of blue towards the back half of the left sideplate.  Hammer has hazed over to brown patina but still shows faint mottled colors.  The barrel shows 20% original blue that's mostly along the edges of the fore-end and magazine tube.  While we're not going to count this towards the overall percentage of blue, the flats of the octagon barrel also appear to have a fair bit of what some collectors call "age darkened" blue which is turning over to brown.  Some light pitting around the edges of the muzzle and some dings near the magazine tube holder. However, good news is the magazine is very firmly in place with no wiggle or looseness.   Wood-to-metal fit is perfect.  No chips, cracks, or repairs. Very Good+ wood overall that's never been cleaned or touched in any way.  There is still approx. 70% original varnish remaining on the stock with the fore-end down to around 20% towards the end cap...due to honest carry wear.  Actions cycles smoothly and lever still snaps shut.  The bore is a lot better than most 32-20's.  Its a Good+ bore with nice rifling and no bad pits or dark spots.  Well above average.  A very respectable 73 rifle.

Item# 1264




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