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Winchester Model 1875 Loading Tool in .44 WCF

This Model 1875 is one of Wincester's earliest reloading tools. Caliber is .44 Winchester Center Fire. Centrally-primed cartridges were a new thing back in the 1870's. When Winchester introduced their Model 1873 in caliber .44 Winchester Center Fire (a.k.a. 44-40), this tool made it possible to reload spent cartridges. This could not be done with previous .44 Rimfire models like the Henry and Model 1866 which was their main drawback on the frontier compared to the muzzle loader. Once you ran out of shells, your rifle became useless. This tool was a game changer and a life saver on the frontier. In its day, it was really quite an advancement as it made the Winchester Model 1873 repeating rifle relatively sustainable. Overall condition is NRA Antique Good with the metal turned mostly to a silvery gray patina. Good .44 cal marking. Original Winchester October 20, 1874 patent date is roughly cast into the top of the handle. Originally, this tool came from Winchester painted gold. There is very little gold paint left but there is a bit inside of the spoon handles as well as a few traces remaining in protected areas. Sorry, there is no decapper pin...they are missing 99% of the time on 1875's. This would make a great accessory to the 1st or 2nd Model Winchester 1873 saddle ring carbine or a rifle.

Item# 1743




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